It’s your imperfections that make you beautiful!

For Starbucks fans like me, the Siren logo is a familiar face.

However, some might not know that initially the face had absolutely no flaws. The left and the right side were a perfect match.

Pretty quickly the team that was working on the logo realized why the look was “creepy” and didn’t do well in perception tests.

It was too perfect!

They realized that they needed to put an “imperfection” in the image to make it more real and beautiful.

So, look closely at the siren’s eyes. Notice how her nose dips lower on the right side as compared to the left. That added imperfection makes it so much more beautiful!

There is even a psychological phenomenon called the Pratfall effect.

The appeal of a person who is seen as generally competent increases after the individual makes a mistake.

So, a slight flaw in an otherwise perfect image, adds to the beauty rather than detract from it.

This is also why competent leaders are much more likable when they show their vulnerability.

Strive to be better. But no need to be perfect.

It’s your imperfections that make you beautiful!

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