Supporting your leadership success

Supporting your leadership success

Are you feeling the stress and pressure of leading your organization to achieve greater results?

You are not alone. There are best practices and better ways. Let me show you!

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We will partner to create a psychologically safe culture, enabling full engagement of your team, working together to achieve organizational purpose and breakthrough results.

The leadership consulting services will:

  • Follow a strategic framework to analyze the most important needs and align around key objectives.
  • Get an outside perspective on potential opportunities and challenges with respect to your organization’s strategy, culture and execution.
  • Develop and execute the right strategic methodology for your organization.
  • Implement the OKR framework for organizational transformation and innovation.
  • Measure what matters by implementing the right OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

As a guide with operational experience and having supported other great leaders transform their organizations, I can bring a new perspective to help you and your team achieve organizational purpose and breakthrough results.  Great organizational and leadership consulting can’t be theoretical.  It has to be practical, producing tangible results for you and your organization.  That is my track record and commitment to you.


You have already achieved success in your leadership role, however you also have a growth mindset and know there is always the opportunity to improve.   Working together, we can increase your leadership effectiveness and organizational results. Partnering on executive leadership coaching services and business management coaching will include:

  • Coaching you and your team on reducing individual and group blind spots and increase leadership effectiveness so you can focus more effectively on objectives and key priorities.
  • Coaching you on ways to build on your strengths as a leader.
  • Coaching on how to lead and motivate a team improving team culture and performance.
  • Coaching on the OKR framework and implementation of a successful OKR process.
  • Coaching  your team on the relationship building critical to breakthrough results.
  • Coaching you on ways to more effectively align around purpose.

As an executive leadership coach, I can serve as a guide to you and your team with the right questions and tools, systems and methodologies to help you achieve breakthrough results.


Breakthrough results require a skill upgrade. Through leadership training programs for managers we can:

  • Build the capabilities necessary based on individual and team assessments.
  • Engage team members in their own development as they understand characteristics of high performing teams.
  • Transform your organization into a learning organization with a growth mindset.
  • Build accountability for self and team development for ongoing growth.
  • Learn critical leadership skills necessary for team performance management.
  • Improve team communication, team culture and team performance. 

Effective training can produce a cycle of ongoing growth and greater employee engagement, impacting organizational results.


If you have a growth mindset and are ready to experience breakthrough results, schedule a complimentary strategy call below. During this call, we will clarify your goals, identify some of your current barriers, and outline potential action for you to take in your leadership journey. In my experience coaching senior executives, often a combination of inertia and overwhelm keeps them from acting. Don’t let that happen to you. This is your chance to see if breakthrough results are truly possible.

Why me?

Mahan Tavakoli, Leadership Coach

I spent much of my career with the Dale Carnegie Training where I started in sales, moved on to training, and eventually managed the operation in the Greater Washington DC region.

After turning around a money-losing operation in DC to one of the fastest-growing and most profitable operations in the organization, I was tasked with Dale Carnegie’s more aggressive international expansion. Working with a group of highly committed and talented team members, we developed a forward-thinking plan to expand internationally.

We expanded to over 90 countries with record-breaking revenue growth. As a result, in addition to my international operations role, I was given the opportunity to lead the organization’s overall strategy as Chief Strategist.

Eventually, a desire to spend less time on the road and the energizing opportunity to work closely with more clients is what drove me to start my own consultancy. Partnering with leaders across organizations and various industries, I have spent time working with executives from large divisions of multinational companies, to mid-sized organizations, to government agencies, and SaaS startups.

The industries and size of the clients vary, however, the needs are similar.

They all are organizations with great leadership, wanting to get the winning edge as they align the entire organization towards achieving their purpose.

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